Newsletter. April 2021

Dear All,


The Pimlico Road and all the neighbouring streets are throwing open their doors to welcome you back into their showrooms. Several shops have sent me updates on their new products . Over the past year every single one of them has continued striving to create new designs in Furniture, Textiles, Lighting, Jewellery, Fashion, Porcelain, Glass, Bronze and a myriad of other materials to tempt you back into the ever changing fray of the Design World. Art Galleries and Antique Dealers have discovered wonderful new treasures to make you swoon. Come along and discover all that is new and exciting in Belgravia.

Interior Designers commission books are bulging and orders continue to flood in from around the world. Spring has burst upon us even if it is still rather chilly. Many of our marvellous eateries have tables outside for you to take a break and find something delicious to sustain you on your travels around our glorious collection of Galleries, showrooms and shops. 
Flowers and shrubs bedeck the gardens, the florists windows and many a showroom along the Road. A technicolour world of Design, Lifestyles , Food and Nature awaits your return. So, please, get you and your friends together and make The Pimlico Road a must visit destination now that you have regained your freedom to shop.

Welcome home.
Regards and best wishes to you all.
Mark Boyce

This small pocket of Belgravia - just a few minutes walk from Sloane Square - is home to some of the finest antiques shops and galleries in London. There is a vast array of choice; endless variety that satisfies every appetite from the expert eye to the simply inquisitive looking for something special.