Nella leaves us

A keystone of our community moves on to pastures new. 

Many years ago a wonderful bubbly and an enthusiastic young lady came into my life but more importantly joined our community in The Pimlico Road. We all know her as Nella, Nella Marin. 

Our paths had crossed already in Antiquarius where she had occasionally worked as an assistant for Julilan Simon Fine Art between acting jobs. When Christopher Butterworth moved from Antiquarius to the Pimlico Road 25 years ago, Nella came too; with her dog of course. She soon became an indispensable part of The Pimlico Road dispensing sweets, delicious cakes, and endless supplies of pistachio nuts which came from a mysterious source somewhere in Iraq, or was it Iran. Nella and her family had lived a pretty peripatetic life in Middle Europe, the Middle East, and then England. She had a stint as an actor , literary connections and a myriad of friends but she soon became very much part of all our lives here in Belgravia. Always ready for a chat, a mine of information, and constant support to all in need. 

Despite endless trials and tribulations with work, her health, and worries over the wellbeing of her parents, Nella greeted all who came to call with warmth, charm, wit, and a beguiling smile. Her second dog, Pippin,  gained a notorious reputation, hating children and any dog that should dare to come too close to the shop window and often would not let friends leave as I learned to my cost on several occasions. 

These two very strong characters have added greatly to all our lives. Nella, in many ways, became more associated with the business than the proprietor and it was always Nella that sorted out any problems to do with many of her client’s requests or purchases. Every Interior designer, architect, or consultant from Australasia, to Europe and America’s, knows exactly who she is if her name should crop up in a conversation and recollect her with great affection. Her presence on The Pimlico Road will be greatly missed.

Never fear though, I believe she may well pop up shop sitting somewhere in the area over the coming years. Her occasional return will always be hugely welcomed. I am sure you will all join me in wishing her an enormously happy “semi-retirement” at her home in London and her enchanting little cottage in Cornwall.  I can already see Nella and Pippin in my mind’s eye frolicking in the waves along the Cornish Coast. Who will ever forget her deep wicked laugh, that radiant smile, and her cherished hug? 

Much love, best wishes, and with the deepest affection and respect.

Nella, Bon Voyage may our paths continue to intersect. 

Mark Boyce

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