Dear all,
How quickly the world can change. The Pimlico Road, like the rest of us, is in lockdown. All our dear friends have had to close their doors and are worried about the future.
We all send out a huge thank you to the Emergency Services, the Health and Medical Workers, the Super Market and Corner Shop Keepers, the Delivery Service providers, the Postal Services and all the other wonderful people who try so hard to keep the country going.
Every one of us sends out our thanks to all of you for sticking to the Governments advice and request that you STAY AT HOME and try and keep your distance from friends and family outside your immediate environment. Such actions will hopefully help bring this crisis to an end as soon as possible. Keep up the good work.
Luckily the Grosvenor Estate has cancelled rents for three months, for which a big thank you. The Government has cancelled Business Rates for a year and offered help for employee’s wages. Another big thank you.  You , local business’s and those further afield, will still need support to keep going beyond this crisis. It is up to us all to reach out and give support where we can, be it to your immediate neighbour, family and friends, your work colleagues and to a stranger who may need your help.
There are so many things to keep you entertained, productively occupied or merely distracted online. There are also many things you can still order or buy online. So I hope the shops and design business’s you see on The Pimlico Road Association website will continue to inspire you, encourage you to plan ahead and help take your mind off the worries that surround us all.
Keep safe. Keep your distance. Keep positive. We will get through this together.
Thinking of you all. Regards and best wishes.
Mark Boyce.

This small pocket of Belgravia - just a few minutes walk from Sloane Square - is home to some of the finest antiques shops and galleries in London. There is a vast array of choice; endless variety that satisfies every appetite from the expert eye to the simply inquisitive looking for something special.