Albert Roux 1935-2021 and Michel Roux 1941-2020

We remember the brothers Michel Roux, who died on the 11th of March last year , and Albert Roux who died on the 4th of January this year.

Albert Roux and his younger brother Michel will always be a part of our area’s long and varied history for in 1967 they opened their restaurant “Le Gavroche” on Lower Sloane Street which was soon to become world famous and eventually garnered 3 Michelin Stars which they held for 25 years. 

A first for any restaurant outside France. In 1982 “Le Gavroche” moved to Upper Brook Street in Mayfair whilst the Lower Sloane Street Restaurant was renamed “Gavers” . In 1984 they set up the “Roux Brothers Scholarship” and went on to train many of Britain’s now internationally known chefs.
Sadly I never dined at “Le Gavroche”  but luckily managed one guest visit to Gavers when I came to work in the Pimlico Road in 1979.

Over the years I met both brothers occasionally, Michel was suave, sophisticated and stylish, Albert larger than life , jovial and what we imagine a Master Chef to be like. Both had great charm, charisma and an ease of conversation which was most beguiling. The Caraffini Restaurant took over the space soon after they left and I am glad to say it still continues well over 20 years later.

The brothers split the business in 1986, Albert remaining in charge of “Le Gavroche” and other restaurants around the world. In 1982 Albert Roux opened the “Boucherie Lamartine” on Elizabeth Street which transformed into a deli and retail traiteur until it closed in 1999.

This became a mainstay for many a Belgravia hostess in need of something special for their luncheon and dinner parties. I know their many delicious dishes saved my bacon on numerous an occasion and often became a lunchtime treat to be eaten in the shop on a busy day. 

Lulu Lytle remembers the Celariac Remoulade with affection. My favourite was the Ouef en Gellie with Salmon Roe. After several incarnations the premises now houses the business of Tomasz Starzewski.

We convey to all the Roux family our deepest sympathy at the loss of their two remarkable family members within less than a year, Michel and Albert.

Mark Boyce

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