News & Events

  • Good News

    Despite the rather gloomy outlook and the threatened development proposals the Pimlico Road continues to flourish. I am sure we will survive the various current storms. There is definitely good news in that we have new arrivals to the area.

    ochreWe welcome to the Pimlico Road, Ochre, who are already up and running at 57 Pimlico Road on the South Side. I am sure most of you, with an interest in design, already know of this elegant, pared back and very subtle company. The three partners launched Ochre in 1996 with an exquisite line of Dolce Vita lights. Their deep fascination with materials; hand crafted bronze, metals, hand blown glass, gilding lacquer and fine woods, combined with delicious textiles; velvets, organza , linens and soft nubuck leather has extended their range into a desirable furniture collection over and above their lighting range. Do have a look at their new page on the PRA website and link back to their own site at We wish them every success here on the Pimlico Road.

    Coming soon, hopefully by the end of June, Haynes Fine Art will be opening their doors at number 70 the Pimlico Road. Their main galleries are based in Broadway and they are relocating to the Pimlico Road from the west end. They exhibit traditional British Art from past centuries along with 20th/21ist century British and European artists.

    Relocating from their famous showrooms in Brook Street, Sybil Colefax and John Fowler will soon be opening at 89-91 the Pimlico Road. Their exalted name and historic track record need no introduction.

    We welcome all three into the PRA fold and hope they will remain with us for many years to come. It is time for you all to revisit one of your favourite haunts and see what is new and exciting in one of London’s premier art and design districts.

    Regards and best wishes. Mark Boyce.

  • New Bulletin

    _MAR9111For those of you who do not know The Sloane Club here is a great piece of news. Though it is a private members club they do have a wonderful Spa which is open to non members. Several of my friends have availed themselves of their splendid services and all have highly recommended it. So if you feel in need of a bit of extra special pampering please do give them a call. It will do you the world of good.

    The Sloane Club Spa, located on the first floor of The Sloane Club, is a haven of indulgence. Treatments include luxurious facials using BioEffect or Dermalogica, relaxing massages and pampering Essie manicures and pedicures – alongside upkeep treatments such as tinting and waxing. Led by a team of expert therapists each with different specialities, The Sloane Club Spa is open to both Members and non-Members. Please call 020 7730 9131 to book.

    You never know you may even be tempted to join The Sloane Club to make use of all their other marvellous facilities.

    Regards, Mark Boyce.

  • Spring Newsletter

    For those of you who have walked down the Pimlico Road recently you must be wondering what on earth is going on with all the empty shops. Yes it does look rather depressing. Added to this are the road works to create a new zebra crossing from the Square to the south side. Blenheim Carpets sadly went into liquidation. Sanaiy Carpets sold their lease back to Grosvenor, though both these shops are under threat if Grosvenor should get their plans passed for the redevelopment of the Travis Perkins/Newsons Yard redevelopment. As would be Humphrey Carrasco and Coote Bernardi.

    Next door to Daylesford the three empty shops have been scheduled for redevelopment for some time and have thus only had short term pop up tenants all of whom would have quite happily remained in situ with the shops remaining as they were. This will not be ready until the end of 2017.

    Moloh, and Marston and Langinger , both decided not to renew their leases for various reasons including the increase in running costs. Like wise Anthony Outred has given up one of his shops.

    The good news is that Haynes Fine Art will be opening soon where Julian Simon used to be despite serious problems with refurbishing the gallery. Where The Biggest Blanket shop was we welcome back Chaucer Fine Arts who have owned the head lease for many years. Originally Marcello Viollante dealt in Old Masters paintings from here, now he is specialising in early 20th century Russian Art.

    The Plus One Gallery are taking a short lease, of 3 months,on the Moloh shop whilst they await the refurbishment of there stunning new showrooms in Wandsworth. Colefax and Fowler, whom we are very pleased to welcome to the area, having taken the Plus One Gallery double unit on the Pimlico Road , hope to be open in mid summer, having given up their historic premises in Brook Street. We wish Colin Petit and Maggie Boillert every success across the river.

    It is also sad to hear that we will be loosing Talisman in the next three months. So if there is any one with a unique design business who feels they would fit in with our vision of independent dealers, designers and manufacturers please contact Grosvenor for one of the available shops.

    All is not doom and gloom. I am constantly impressed by the variety and freshness of the presentation of new stock in all the shops along the Pimlico Road and its converging streets. Amongst the numerous goodies on display I shall mention those that particularly caught my eye.
    Gazing out of Lamberty’s double shop front were four very amusing circular Emoticons, sculpted and gilded with touches of bright colour. An art installation designed to raise a smile from any one passing.

    Paulo Moschino is always rearranging both his shops with great flare. In his Ebury Street showroom I particularly admired a beautiful Chinese lacquer screen in black and gold. To compliment this he had some enormous, modern, Chinese vases some in Blanc de Chine others in Sang de Boeuf.

    Next door, at his eponymous gallery, John Adams Fine Art, amongst the glorious array of highly coloured paintings I was attracted by Albert Bertalan’s, 1930’s painting “Cubist House” in bright primary colours. Presented at the front of the gallery was a striking still life by Kvapil, ” Bouquet de Fleurs a la Cage” in strong but slightly more muted colours. All John’s paintings carry a huge punch and would definitely liven up any ones home.

    Tomasz Starzewski continues to amaze me. Not only is his spring collection of beautifully made couture clothes in ravishing colours and materials, ribbed silks, elaborate brocades and fine taffetas, breath taking, but he has also launched a stunning new furniture collection. His Zeitgeist Cabinet in cream, black and red high gloss lacquer with bronze mirror and toughened glass is a joy to behold. Art Deco meets Memphis, meets Oriental. His Sliced Puzzle Side Tables in burled walnut and chrome are dramatically angular and very evocative of Ocean Liners of the 1930’s.

    At Coote Bernardi I am shown some wonderful sketches and plans for some of their international design projects. The front showroom presents an exquisite collection of fine French porcelain and cut glass. Contemporary designs oozing sophistication and glamour. My eye was drawn to a beautiful dinner service by Puiforcat called” Initiales”. The purest white porcelain decorated with very simple geometric lines of circles and bars in black and red. Echoes of Russian Constructivism from the early 20th century.

    Passing Patrick Jefferson’s very fine antique shop standing in the window was a wonderful Late Regency drum table or circular library table. Beautifully figured rose wood, the solid triangular podium base sweeping out to be capped by three superb bronze feet, cast with lotus leaves and flowers. Drawers inset to the freeze of the drum and the top with tooled leather.

    A brief stop off to chat with Luke in Dale Rogers and to admire the enormous free form Specimens of rock crystal and flour spa. Make sure your floor is strong enough to support their colossal weight.

    In Jamb’s window I spied a huge Kent style side table. Its massive proportions decorated with gloriously unfurling acanthus leaves across a fish scale ground in distressed cream and gold. Atop this splendid creation was a sienna marble veneered slab of dazzling colour.

    At the furthest end of the Pimlico Road in Portuondo’s window were an elegantly restrained pair of floor lamps designed by Angello Lelli for Areddo Luce in Italy. These tapering columns of black painted metal held an eye ball lamp in brass half way up and the top slightly flared to hold an uplighter. A somewhat surreal 1950’s creation ideal for any room for reading or entertaining.

    Anthony Outred always has an eye for the unusual, the esoteric, or sometimes the bizarre. This time I was enchanted by an English, Mason’s Ironstone ceramic, Chinoiserie inspired, ceramic fire surround. Its elegant structure glazed with romantic Chinese scenes in pastel colours, predominately the green of trees and shrubs with touches of red and brown. If I remember correctly this was used in a beautiful house decorated by Colefax and Fowler in the 1980’s somewhere north of Hyde Park.

    Ciancimino, now run by his son, Pablo, and daughter, Georgiana continues to show case unusual new designs both by their father and by Pablo. Wonderful art deco inspired chairs and tables, gilded bronze table lamps and lacquer consoles. They also have a varied collection of Chinese jades and stone sculptures and stunning Gonshi or Scholars stones.

    Coming up at the beginning of May will be The London Craft Week. Several shops will be holding demonstrations in their windows of skills used in the manufacture of their products. Carving, gilding, veneering, wicker weaving, printing and more. Do keep an eye out for further details.

    Following this will be the annual show of shows, The Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show. This comes at the end of May and will also lead into the celebrations for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday. Already Joanna Wood is preparing her shop front for a splendid array of flowers. Metal obelisks from square planters will support beautiful white rambling roses which also climb over an arch straddling the entrance door way. These will be under planted by Hydrangeas, grasses and ground cover geraniums . I am sure there will be many more displays along the street to celebrate the occasion.

    This is only a tiny glimpse in to the world that is the Pimlico Road. Lower Sloane Street, Holbein Place, Ebury Street ,Bourne Street and Ebury Bridge Road all link up for a store house of inspiration just waiting for you to explore. When are you planning your next visit?

    Regards to you all. Mark Boyce.