News & Events

  • London Craft Week

    Saturday 9th May 2015 11am – 3pm

    As part of London Craft Week several shops along the Pimlico Road will have craft demonstrations taking place in their windows. Participating retailers include:

    Linley – marquetry and dovetail demonstration
    Soane Britain – rattan weaving demonstration
    Ossowski – water gilding
    Howe London – cushion making
    Marc de Berny – gold leaf painting and wood chiselling
    Joanna Wood – sketching interiors

  • John Adams Fine Art

    Brian Davies Memorial Exhibition – April 21st – 30th

    brian-davies-memorialIn this exhibition John Adams Fine Art is celebrating the life and work of Brian Davies. Inspired by the 17th– century tradition of Dutch still life or nature morte, he painted texture, light and surface in intricate detail, communicating the brevity of life.

    Like Gauguin before him, Davies abandoned his career in banking to become a painter, and spent endless hours in museums studying the techniques of the old masters.

    After years of living a bohemian life and surviving on income that his early paintings brought, Davies’ career reached a turning point in 1978 with success at both the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Paris Salon. The following years saw him gain the recognition that he deserved with both critical and commercial success.

    View the online catalogue »

  • Spring Newsletter – April 23rd

    Pimlico Road and the neighbouring streets are suddenly ablaze with colour. Glorious blossom trees have burst into flower. Shop windows are full of flower arrangements. In fact flowers seem to be every where.

    On the 8th I was invited to a delightful party held at Leighton House, hosted by Gilly Newberry, to celebrate the launch of her wonderful book on her mentor Geoffrey Bennison. Geoffrey was a great instigator in creating the magic that is the Pimlico Road. He developed and expanded the country house look. He brought the world to the Pimlico Road and spread the word world wide. Can it really be 31 years since he died. Gilly continues the Bennison Fabrics business that epitomises design at its best. Here are flowers galore. Congratulations all round.

    I have become aware, on my numerous visits to the shops and galleries of the area of what a large variety of porcelain and pottery there is here. My jaw dropped when I called in on Patrick Jefferson to see before me one of my all time desired objects. There, on splendid display, was an exquisite pair of Chinese Export porcelain cockerels of the late 18th century. Beautifully painted in delicate corals ,greys and blues with a fine tracery of over gilding.

    When discussing future plans for the area with Michael Reeves I saw a lovely selection of plain white Chinese  porcelain vases of various shapes and sizes. These modern vases would form a perfect sculptural foil to the contemporary look of muted tones and pastel colours so much loved by Interior Designers.

    One’s I could not miss the charming spring window at Joanna Wood. A beautiful Lewis and Wood blue and grey floral wall paper set the tone. This was complimented by blue and grey painted furniture and a veritable host of blue and white porcelain vases and accessories placed on table tops, cupboard tops , brackets and on the floor.

    Talking of brackets. I have just collected from Mark Ossowski a bronze head for a client for which he made a beautiful gilt wood base. Here I spied some wonderful small blue and white vases, not for sale, displayed on an elegant variety of carved and gilded wall brackets. One was a very elaborate late 17th century model, others were 18th century followed by a pair of Regency ones. They can also copy models for you should you require a larger set.

    Just across the road at FBC London can be found a marvellous range of much more muscular vases. Boldly potted in chunky sculptural forms with tones of black, charcoal grey and muted white. They represent a number of Artist Potters who also make sculptural objects and very elegant wall panels.

    Paulo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam always has an elegant selection of porcelain vases and lamps just around the corner in Holbein Place and at his charming shop on the junction of Ebury St, Bourne St and the Pimlico Road. Christopher Butterworth also has a large selection of antique vases which he often converts into lamps. Always check him out if you only want them as vases because he holds a huge stock which he sells to Interior Designers in need of unusual lighting.

    In the window at Portuondo I admired an always sophisticated group of Fornasetti plates. Coote and Bernardi have a superb selection of French porcelain and glass suitable for very glamorous entertaining. Whilst Daylesford have the perfect glass and ceramics for the sophisticated “rus in urbe” look.

    I could go on but I will leave it to you to come and explore all the wonderful shops for your selves to make your own discoveries.
    Regards and best wishes.

    Mark Boyce.