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  • Newson’s Yard Update – July 2015

    Many thanks to those that have been involved in the consultation on the Newson’s Yard redevelopment plans to date. Three days of public exhibitions were recently held in St Barnabas Church between 20th and 23rd June 2015. The event had over 100 visitors and provided valuable feedback on the proposals. Grosvenor has also been meeting local residents, amenity groups, councillors and traders to ensure all views are recorded and considered as part of the consultation process.

    In response to feedback received during the consultation, certain aspects of the designs are being reviewed. The revised designs will take into consideration comments made during the exhibition as well as those from the completed feedback forms and meetings with local stakeholders.

    To maintain the level of public involvement in the Newson’s Yard project, we will be organising further consultation events in September, including a public exhibition to present the design changes. At that time you will be able to engage with the developers, designers and consultants in order to deliver valuable feedback that will ensure the development progresses in the right direction. We will be in contact shortly to provide further details.

    The proposed July submission date of the planning application has been postponed and it is anticipated that an application will be submitted in autumn of this year, following the public exhibition in September.

    For more information on the project, news on the progress of the design and to facilitate communication, we have set up a website available at this address:

    If you would like to speak to a member of the Newson’s Yard consultation team please contact Soundings on 020 7729 1705 and ask for Beverley White or email

  • Newsletter – July

    July is almost over and we are edging into the quiet summer days of August. London empties out of local residents as they head for the country but tourists flock in. So to do those residents who have London homes but live and work abroad. So all is not lost.

    The Pimlico Road, Lower Sloane Street, Holbein Place, Ebury Street, St Barnabas Street and Passmore Street and our friends in Ebury Bridge Road are all open for business. You have no excuse not to visit us. Even if only to buy a gift for friends you may be going to visit in the country.

    We welcome a new neighbour, Tim Bent, who has opened his relocated shop in Lower Sloane Street : Bentleys, London. He specialises in wonderful vintage luggage, classic men’s accessories and associated vintage sporting items. His very stylish shop is beautifully designed with a slatted wooden ceiling and atmospheric deep blue raffia walls displaying his goods from floor to ceiling.

    Sadly the look and feel of the Pimlico Road area is greatly under threat from Grosvenor Estate our landlords in a multiplicity of ways. May I urge you to look at our news letter re the Newsons/Travis Perkins development and the associated threat to Blenheim Carpets, Humphrey Carrasco Antiques ,Coote Bernardi Design, Carlton Hobbs and the now empty Sanaiy Carpets buildings. All of these businesses will go to be replaced by three mega retail units that we feel would be totally detrimental to the area. You can send your concerns to : please address your emails : Westminster City Council, The South Planning Team . Thank you.
    Added to this we still do not know Grosvenor’s plans for De le Cuona, Amy Summerville and Marc de Berny, the three pop up shops next to Daylesford. These may also be knocked into one big retail space.

    Just into Ebury Street Talisman is under threat and has been given an interim notice to quit because Grosvenor wish to redevelop this site and the residential area above.

    There are numerous rent reviews coming up which are ranging from proposals of 75% to 130% increases. Increases which are totally unsustainable in this climate and may well force some of the shops to close. Obviously negotiations are vigorous and worrying to all concerned. New shops are only being offered short licences with no renewal options thus making it impossible for them to make any long term commitment to the area, let alone know where they may be in 5 or 10 years.

    We also have heard rumours of outline proposals to redevelop the Peabody Buildings on Ebury Street with the shops from Semalina to the iconic Poule Au Pot Restaurant , though I believe these may be on hold. This may be delayed to link it into Grosvenor’s plans to redevelop the Cundy Street Flats area in the next 5 to 10 years. The latter under Grosvenor’s persuasion was excluded from the recent Westminster Council proposed extension of the Conservation Area boundaries.

    Grosvenor also persuaded the council not to include the strip of the Pimlico Road from Passmore Street to Holbein Place ,including the south side of the road.. We know their proposal to alter shops 103 to 107 were turned down a few years ago but perhaps the whole block from 87 ,Tinello to 107 ,Ultimate Kitchens may now be in their sights as we see the rapid progression of the Chelsea Barracks development . Do look at the Chelsea Barracks web site for an update.

    These are worrying times indeed for all the retailers in the area but this will also affect all our immediate neighbours who not only appreciate the look and feel of the area but who have been such marvellous customers over many years.

    All is not doom and gloom. Grosvenor have been a great help in promoting the area through their website . They have worked hard with their PR team Luchfords to promote the area in national and international journals. Grosvenor have sponsored initiatives with The London Design Festival whish takes place across London, 19th-27th September. Added to this we are working on the Belgravia Christmas Weekend, 5th-6th December sponsored by Grosvenor. All stories and events we hope you will take part in. More news to come.

    SALES: Do keep an eye open as I know Joanna Wood will be having a Sale. Several other shops also have Sale items at the end of July and during August

    Everyone is working very hard to create beautiful and enticing shops for you to visit. Do not just admire the window displays. Go in, talk to the owners and the managers. Find out more about their products , their craftsmen , their unique skills. They are all most welcoming and you may help and inspire them to create something new.

    May you all have a wonderful summer, be it in London , the country or abroad. Regards and best wishes. Mark Boyce.

  • Travis Perkins Redevelopment Proposal by Grosvenor

    If you would like to see Grosvenor’s proposals please make enquiries to:

    If you would like to make any comments re the proposals please address your comments to: Westminster Council, The South Panning. Send to:

    If and when Grosvenor put in a planning application these will be forwarded to Westminster Council.